Burnt Sienna

$59.95 $79.95

Burnt Sienna is ready to be your dream shirt. Made from 100% rayon viscose and designed in Bali, Indonesia, this product couldn't get any better- it's the perfect summertime wardrobe staple for beating the heat while still looking stylish and beach-ready. With customised detailed okycptn buttons and a light weight feel, Burnt Sienna is an essential part of every traveller's summer dress code. Not only does it look great on its own but you can create tons of outfit combinations by pairing with some cargo pants or swim shorts! There's no limit to how many epic adventures we can have with this style whether we're at home or abroad! What more could you ask for?

Ethically made on the beautiful island of the gods, Bali Indonesia. The material is 100% rayon viscous.

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